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The First London 
Cleaning Company that Actually Cares about You and Nature!

Let's Save Your Home and Planet Together!

Our Journey

The story of our company started with a troubling observation by our founder during his days as a cleaner. He realised that the strong chemicals commonly used for cleaning were causing health issues, including allergies and asthma, not just for him but for many others as well. After further investigation, it was evident that the products we trusted to clean our spaces were, in fact, polluting our indoor air and negatively affecting our health.
That was the turning point. He decided it was time for a change—to create a cleaning service where safety and health come first. That's how 
Eco Cleaning London came to life, with a simple but powerful goal: to offer cleaning that's good for people and the planet.

We’re Not An Agency!

Eco Cleaning London is different that any cleaning agencies, and here is why:

Eco Cleaning London

Highly trained, professional staff, carefully chosen and tested for their expertise.
We take full responsibility for any action that our cleaners do.
Fair and equitable wages.
Expert care for delicate surfaces, using the correct cleaning materials to prevent damage. Guaranteed zero scratches!
We arrive fully equipped with eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning supplies designed for effective cleaning, and most importantly, selected specifically for each surface.
We are social responsible: For every cleaning session with us, we donate to the UK charity Trees For Cities

Cleaning Agenices

Inconsistent quality and professionalism due to agencies acting as third parties between you and self-employed cleaners.
Deny responsibility for cleaners.
An unfair minimum wage.
Risk of damage due to improper cleaning materials and lack of care.
Arriving inadequately prepared with harmful and toxic cleaning supplies, and crucially, without choosing products with each surface in mind, leaving stains and marks on delicate surfaces.
Zero social responsibility, existing purely to make a profit.

Meet Our Eco Family

Our cleaners are much more than a team – they're an eco family. Handpicked for their dedication, not just for a quick pay check, they're vetted and their work is regularly inspected by senior staff to guarantee top-quality service.







Our cleaners uphold strict hygiene using separate cloths for each surface, regular water changes, and fresh uniforms, ensuring your safety through detailed sanitisation practices.
Expert Care
Our cleaners possess expert knowledge in handling various delicate surfaces, ensuring precise care with specialised techniques to protect and preserve your valued items.

Our cleaning services are result-driven. We always focus on achieving a precise clean each time.

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